Exercising: Why is it so hard to get motivated?

We all hear that we need to exercise. “It’s good for us!” “You’ll feel better!” “You’ll have more energy!” You’ll feel better about yourself!” It’s the same thing over and over again. And every January the gyms are packed with people ready to be motivated and start out the year right. But by February every machine in the gym is open and there are no waiting times at all.

Things always come up that take precedence over working out; running kids here and there, getting dinner ready, getting the laundry done, working, there are a million reasons why we can’t workout. All of these ideas run through my head every single day! I love to exercise but when it’s time to start I straight up DON’T WANT TO DO IT. I never used to be this way. Ask my husband! I drove him nuts (and on special days still drive him nuts) about getting my workout done. Everything changed after I had my third baby. She is 5 months now and everyday it is a drag for me to get my workout done. In fact I just got back from a run that I did not want to go on. Once I get my workout done I feel fabulous! I always say that I’m so glad that I worked out, but the problem is starting so I can get it done and feel fabulous.

Once we start working out our minds start to kick in. After a week of working out and not seeing results we get discouraged. “I put in all of this time, sweat, and effort for nothing!” It’s a lot to get ready for a workout, mentally and physically. I usually try to workout at home so I don’t have to get in the car and drive to the gym; Because on the way to the gym it is so easy to talk yourself out of it. There are some days that it takes all that I have to get off of the couch after a long day at work, change my clothes and push the play button or turn on the treadmill. Lately I have been using the DVD’s P90X3 because it’s only a 30 minute workout, but it gives me a great workout. Plus that’s about as long as my littles give me before they are bored and need me. Don’t get me wrong, this is an awesome workout and I’ve seen great results with it. I love Tony, the guy who started the whole thing, but geez Tony! Quit yelling at me!!! When you’ve been doing the workout for 20 minutes and you have 10 minutes still left you are tired!! Don’t yell at me to get over the line, or to get my legs up! They are tired!!! At least I hit the play button! And that is the key right there.

We all have hangups of why we can’t or shouldn’t do our workouts, but we have to celebrate the little moments when we overcome our thoughts and fears and just do it! At least we hit the play button. It’sok if you miss a day, you are not a bad person! Just get up tomorrow and do it. Then you don’t feel bad about yourself two daysin a row. If you exercised one day out of the week that’s ok!!! In order to stay motivated to exercise we need to focus on the little achievements that were involved with getting our workouts done. You got your workout clothes on, you got out of the car and walked into the gym, you made it a little longer without taking a break than the time before. When we focus on the little things then the big things are easier to overcome. You CAN do this!!! You can achieve your goal of exercising and becoming a healthier you! Focus on the little things and then the bigger things fall into place.


These are pictures from my run that I did not want to while I was writing this blog. I am so glad I got out and enjoyed these beautiful sites!!!